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  不幸的是,活动从2020年起暂停  Unfortunately from 2020 further events are not planned


Super 7 Challenge

The Super 7 Challenge have our free activity for anyone visiting the hutongs a few places in Beijing. It's used in conjunction with our advertisement on page 9 of the Beijing Improbable Guidebook. You should all get a copy of this book. It's great!

The challenge is simple. There are seven questions, each one from a different part of Beijing's inner districts. We repeat the questions here with extra clues to help you learn more about Chinese culture. The answers are available by clicking here.

Question 1

A “li” is a distance of 500 metres. How many li away could people hear the bell of Zonglou?
Clue: The tower is known in English as the Bell Tower. It is opposite the Drum Tower near Shichahai Station.

Question 2

In Liuyin Street, by the west wall of Prince Gong’s Mansion, the two hearts in the True Lover Knot sculpture intersect how many times?
Clue: The sculpture is near the point where Liuyin Street splits into two parallel roads.

Question 3

In the grove, six doors west of Pebbles Courtyard Restaurant, what game is one move short of victory?
Clue: The game is frozen onto a sculture shaped like a stone table. Pebbles Restaurant is located in Wudaoying Hutong near Andingmen Station.

Question 4

In the Dongyue Temple, which Taoist department warns people to not trade in narcotic drugs?
Clue: Each department is room full of full-size statues of people, spirits, monsters and animals. The Dongyue Temple is located between Chaoyangmen and Dongdaqiao stations on line 6.

Question 5

Along with the last Ming emperor Chongzhen, which eunuch killed himself in Jingshan Park?
Clue: Follow the signs to the Hanging Tree in Jingshan Park, which is north of the Forbidden City.

Question 6

Just north of the Bell Tower is Doufuchi Hutong. Which man prepared such great tofu, he gave this hutong its name?
Clue: Look at the plaque telling the story of the Hutong at it's east or western end.

Question 7

Near the flagpoles of Beijing’s Geological Museum, what is the name of the polished stone with beautiful flower-like crystals?
Clue: Beijing's Geological Museum is located near exit D of Xisi Station on Line 5.



Beijing Online Site Challenges

Are you travelling in Beijing? If you are visiting any of the great sites, whether as part of a tour or study group, you should check out our site challenges!

What is the Beijing Challenge?

The Beijing Challenge is our free activity for anyone visiting landmark sites in Beijing. It's a great way to discover the culture of the city, especially if you are in a family group!

How to play Beijing Challenge?

Choose one of the famous locations pictured below. Then visit the landmark, register with your name and answer the multiple choice questions. There are between 8 and 16 questions at each location, designed to make your exploration interesting and informative.

Note: The questions in the challege have not been updated since 2019. While the challenge relates mostly to history, exhibits can change from time to time.

Beijing Challenges

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Capital Museum

The Captial Museum tells of life and love in the ancient city, as you will discover with our challenge

Railway Museum, Zhengyangmen

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Planning Exhibition Hall

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Prince Gong's Mansion

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