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Super 7 Challenge

The Super 7 Challenge have our free activity for anyone visiting the hutongs a few places in Beijing. It's used in conjunction with our advertisement on page 9 of the Beijing Improbable Guidebook. You should all get a copy of this book. It's great!

The challenge is simple. There are seven questions, each one from a different part of Beijing's inner districts. We repeat the questions here with extra clues to help you learn more about Chinese culture. The answers are available by clicking here.

Question 1

A “li” is a distance of 500 metres. How many li away could people hear the bell of Zonglou?
Clue: The tower is known in English as the Bell Tower. It is opposite the Drum Tower near Shichahai Station.

Question 2

In Liuyin Street, by the west wall of Prince Gong’s Mansion, the two hearts in the True Lover Knot sculpture intersect how many times?
Clue: The sculpture is near the point where Liuyin Street splits into two parallel roads.

Question 3

In the grove, six doors west of Pebbles Courtyard Restaurant, what game is one move short of victory?
Clue: The game is frozen onto a sculture shaped like a stone table. Pebbles Restaurant is located in Wudaoying Hutong near Andingmen Station.

Question 4

In the Dongyue Temple, which Taoist department warns people to not trade in narcotic drugs?
Clue: Each department is room full of full-size statues of people, spirits, monsters and animals. The Dongyue Temple is located between Chaoyangmen and Dongdaqiao stations on line 6.

Question 5

Along with the last Ming emperor Chongzhen, which eunuch killed himself in Jingshan Park?
Clue: Follow the signs to the Hanging Tree in Jingshan Park, which is north of the Forbidden City.

Question 6

Just north of the Bell Tower is Doufuchi Hutong. Which man prepared such great tofu, he gave this hutong its name?
Clue: Look at the plaque telling the story of the Hutong at it's east or western end.

Question 7

Near the flagpoles of Beijing’s Geological Museum, what is the name of the polished stone with beautiful flower-like crystals?
Clue: Beijing's Geological Museum is located near exit D of Xisi Station on Line 5.