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Saved by the Bell


Saved by the Bell

Gulou Modernista, 44 Baochao Hutong, Gulou, Dongcheng District
Date: 2015.12.06
13:00 - 18:00
Around the Bell and Drum Towers we celebrate sound and music. We explore the north of Houhai, Guanghua Temple, Prince Chung's Mansion and make dumplings with Mr Shi.

Major Sponsors


44 Baochao Hutong, Gulou Dongdajie
Ph: 136 9142 5744
Open: Daily 6pm-late

International Newcomers Network
Function Rm, 3/F, Athletic Center, Capital Mansion, 6 Xinyuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District
Ph: 010-8486-2225

1796 Bar & Café
No.60 Zhonglou Huwan Hutong

Mr Shi's Dumplings
74 Baochao Hutong
Ph: 010-84050399
Open: 10am-10pm

Mado Bar

Our top 15 winning teams for Saved by the Bell

   Team No       Team type       Team name       Time       Questions       Activities       Total Points       Percent       Result   
   E53       Master       1+1       2:25       29       24       53       89%       The Grand Prize   
   Z35       Explorer       4 Talents       2:42       33       25       58       97%       Explorer prize   
   P24       Rusher       whatever       2:02       31       23       54       90%       Most Efficient Team   
   V76       Explorer       TEAM DYNGMITE SUGAR GARLIC       2:38       30       21       51       85%       Most Efficient Explorer   
   A26       Master       Hunter       2:01       22       25       47       78%       Fastest Master   
   A27       Master       Crown       2:14       33       17       50       84%       Master Second place   
   X31       Explorer       X-ache       2:54       31       24       55       92%       Explorer Second place   
   C43       Master       JCHub       2:33       29       18       46       77%       Master Third place   
   v74       Explorer       Yellow Squirrel Tacos       2:56       31       24       55       91%       Explorer Third place   
   Z37       Explorer       CY       3:07       32       21       53       89%       Couples Prize   
   Y54       Explorer       Mojito       2:57       33       19       52       86%       Explorer Couples Prize   
   P23       Rusher       Dawn Rising       1:41       14       25       39       65%       McGyver Prize (Activities)   
   R19       Rusher       伦       1:50       24       17       41       68%       Rusher Prize   
   E54       Master       Feel like Crab       2:16       26       19       45       75%       Master Fourth Place   
   X30       Explorer       闻佳榛是狗       3:04       31       24       55       91%       Explorer Fourth Place   

We have 18 prizes for Saved by the Bell

1 Qian Gulouyuan Hutong

The Grand Prize

Mexican style dinner voucher
500 RMB

Pebbles Courtyard

74 Wudaoying Hutong


Explorer prize

Gourmet burger dinner and drinks
400 RMB

Yuppie Yummy

17, Xiushui South Street, Jianwai Street


Most Efficient Team

JmGo Home theater
2400 RMB


Ke Xing Ke Xue Yuan B4-10, SHENZHEN


Most Efficient Explorer

Dental services
4 x 200 RMB

IDC Dental Clinic

Rm 209, Bldg 7, Yard 9, Richmond Park Clubhouse, Fangyuan Nanli

Fastest Master

VIP party tickets
4 x 150 RMB

Pub Crawl Beijing

Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu

Master Second place

Drinks and dinner voucher
370 RMB

Mao Mao Chong

12 Banchang Hutong

Master Third place

Drinks voucher
300 RMB

1796 Bar & Café

No.60 Zhonglou Huwan Hutong

Explorer Second place

Voucher for real Beijing dumplings
300 RMB

Mr Shi's Dumplings

74 Baochao Hutong


Explorer Third place

Special food voucher
300 RMB

Rager Pie


Couples Prize

Restaurant dinner/drink voucher for two
266 RMB

Blue Balcony



Explorer Couples Prize

Three tea boxes
211 RMB

Papp's Tea Lab

B1-529, Bldg 5, Sanlitun Soho, 8 Gongti Beilu


McGyver Prize (Activities)

Drinks vouchers
200 RMB


121 Baochao Hutong

Master Fourth Place

Drinks voucher
200 RMB

Soi Baochao/Cangku

10 Baochao Hutong


Rusher Prize

Drinks voucher
200 RMB

Chill Café Bar

2 Andingmen Xidajie (50m west from SW corner of Andingmen Bridge)

Explorer Fourth Place

Coffee voucher
152 RMB

Corner Coffee

3 Nanxiawazi Hutong

Explorer Equal Fourth

150 RMB

Improbable Guidebooks

Office 2603, Bldg B, 8 GuangQuMenWai

Lucky Draw #1

Drinks voucher
200 RMB


Courtyard 4, Gongti Bei Lu

Lucky Draw #2

Coffee voucher
120 RMB

H.E.A. Coffee

1 Qian Gulouyuan Hutong

Check out our photos for Saved by the Bell (18)

Funky Dog

Outside a music school

Beautiful red rickshaws

Concentrate on paying off

Making a bike out of bamboo

Making bamboo bikes

Showing off with bicycle brochures

Figuring out the best way to make a bamboo work

Making delicious dumplings

We're loving making dumplings

Flute and zither time

Smiles everywhere after the game

Bright clear skies at Modernista

Spoilt by victories

This has never happened to me before!

OMG just won a big home theatre system!

Hello? can you hear me?

Having a good conversation