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  不幸的是,活动从2020年起暂停  Unfortunately from 2020 further events are not planned


Nanlouguxiang: Hutong Race


Nanlouguxiang: Hutong Race

Nanlougouxiang Passby Bar 108 Nanluoguxiang Dongcheng District
Date: 2016.07.03
13:00 - 17:30
Beijing’s most impressive master teams will race to find cryptic questions. Explorer teams, are in the midst of the excitement - remote control racing, traditional Chinese culture, a mini-film festival and many other surprises plus 8000 RMB in prizes.

Major Sponsors


Pass By Bar

United Beijing Hospital
2 Jiangtai Rd
Ph: 5927 7000

Beijing British Country Club
No. 247 Hegezhuang Village
Ph: 18811086378

Our top 15 winning teams for Nanlouguxiang: Hutong Race

   Team No       Team type       Team name       Time       Questions       Activities       Total Points       Percent       Result   
   Black       Master       Mad       2:35       -       -       -       -       The Hidden City Cup (1st)   
   Red       Master       Cats       2:37       -       -       -       -       Master Second Place   
   Green       Master       The Pabs       2:38       -       -       -       -       Master Third Place   
   White       Master       Glow       2:48       -       -       -       -       Master Fourth Place   
   AustCham       Master       AustCham       2:59       -       -       -       -       - -   
   C96       Expl       Nancy pants       2:27       35       20       55       92%       Explorer First Place   
   B63       Expl       B Naturats       2:07       32       21       53       89%       Couples Prize   
   E26       Expl       Viva El Sol       2:24       35       16       51       85%       Most Efficient Explorer   
   E25       Expl       Tacos Al Pastor Con Todo       3:13       35       19       54       90%       Explorer Second Place   
   C92       Expl       Zuihouyiming       2:32       34       19       53       89%       Explorer Third Place   
   A38       Expl       Steph       2:44       34       19       53       89%       Explorer Fourth Place   
   C71       Expl       Team C71       3:22       33       20       53       89%       -   
   B55       Expl       Dawang       3:08       33       20       53       89%       -   
   B54       Expl       Queso       2:54       34       19       53       89%       -   
   C74       Expl       Roots and shoot       3:11       33       18       51       85%       -   

We have 11 prizes for Nanlouguxiang: Hutong Race


The Hidden City Cup (1st)

3 course dinner and western cultural special event (16 July)
up to 4 x 498RMB Total:1992RMB for a team of 4

Beijing British Country Club

No. 247 Hegezhuang Village


Explorer First Place

Dinner Voucher

Pebbles Courtyard

74 Wudaoying Hutong


Couples Prize

Two full medical check ups
2 x 1650RMB (3300 RMB)

United Beijing Hospital

2 Jiangtai Rd
Phone:137 1789 1192


Most Efficient Explorer

4 vouchers each worth 200 RMB of dental service

IDC Dental Clinic

Rm 209, Bldg 7, Yard 9, Richmond Park Clubhouse, Fangyuan Nanli


Explorer Second Place

Voucher for pizza

Yummy Box

11 Fu'an West Rd, Wangjing


Master Second Place

Voucher for dumplings

Mr Shi's Dumplings

74 Baochao Hutong


Master Third Place

Caffee voucher

Corner Coffee

3 Nanxiawazi Hutong


Master Fourth Place

3 bottles of Rice Wine

Grandma Legend

35 Doujiao Hutong

Explorer Third Place

First class dinner for the team of four people

Await Café

59 Xisi South Street


Explorer Fourth Place

Body Lotion


Marketplaces acorss Beijing

Lucky Draw

Tea Box
450 RMB

Papp's Tea Lab

B1-529, Bldg 5, Sanlitun Soho, 8 Gongti Beilu

Check out our photos for Nanlouguxiang: Hutong Race (21)

Teamwork was necessary at the Twin Water Race

Taller participants might have it trickier to complete the loop without getting wet

No mistake goes unnoticed

Red team doing a great job at the Twin Water Race

Green team seems to be sovereign at the Twin Water Race

Which one is the right tool?

Excited at the Old Beijing Museum

Go red boat, goooooooooo!

Other way, other way!

Rescue mission at the control boats station

Remote control boats attracted many spectators

At the rice wine testing venue

What do I taste?

Let’s smell first!

Explorer 1st place: Dinner at Pebbles Courtyard worth 800 RMB

Explorer 2nd place: Pizza at Yummy Box, worth 300 RMB

Explorer 3rd place:first class dinner at Await Café ,worth 210RMB

Most Efficient Explorer: Dental service at IDC Dental Clinic worth 800 RMB

Explorer 1st place: Dinner at Pebbles Courtyard worth 800 RMB

The Hidden City Cup goes to: Team Mad

Master 2nd place received a 300 RMB voucher of Mr. Shi’s Dumplings

Experience a revolution of the Hidden City Game in Nanluoguxiang. Our new hutong race is a new challenge for Beijing's most impressive master teams. They'll be racing in uniforms against each other to complete Hidden City's most cryptic questions and challenging activities. The first team with all the answers takes the Hidden City Cup.

For explorer teams, you'll be in the middle of all the excitement. For you we have prepared thousands of RMB in prizes for the best adventurers. Explore the temples, ancient homes and traditional lanes to undercover the profound history of the hutongs. Join in all our activities including remote control racing, traditional Chinese culture, a mini-film festival and other surprises that will blow your mind. At the finish line, grab your free drink, and cheer the master's teams as they discover if they've either won or face a penalty.

You will be joining game as an Explorer Team. You can start up to an hour earlier than 2 pm and use much time as you need. If you are new to the game, you’ll be doing all the activities and enjoy the summer time walk. The Masters start racing at 2:30pm with a mind-bending challenge.

If you’re new to Beijing, here’s what you need to know. This is an exploration game to discover new and uncharted parts of the city. There's seven main activities plus the photography, art and history expedition. Take a friend, colleagues or build a team on the day with up to four adventurous people. It’s a friendly competition which you can take as seriously as you like – a test of your ability to observe, learn, solve, co-operate and have amazing fun.

If you are a couple or have a family, Hidden City is a great get away close to home. No preparation or practice is required. There are so many prizes, in so many categories, so even for new players - don’t be surprised if you win. Free beer or drink for everyone at the finish line.