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Nanlouguxiang: School group


Nanlouguxiang: School group

Nanlougouxiang Calligiaphy Given Out Exhibition(Next to Nanluoguxiang station exitE)
Date: 2016.07.14
13:30 - 17:30
For the 13th Hidden City Game, since we've just organised the 12th game in Nanluoguxiang, so we just add a few new changes to the game. However, it's our first time dealing with high school students. But we made a nice game for them!

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Which symbols are easiest to reproduce?

The pros at the calligraphy station

Spontaneous concert at the Old Beijing Museum

What is the next hint again?

Looks like some secrets were revealed here, right?

The well hidden entrance of the Old Beijing Museum

Great job at the turn here, guys!

Posing and at the same time balancing a cup of water on the hand - not everybody can do that!

Greatest challenge: how do you deal with hight difference at the Twin Water Race?